Payroll Outsourcing for Schools, Academies, Free Schools and Pre-Schools.

Traditionally schools payrolls have been managed by the governing Local Authority. However, schools now have the control over their budgets to make the correct choices for their needs.

With the dawn of academies and free schools the trend towards outsourcing schools payrolls is empowering more and more institutions to cut their overheads, increase efficiencies and also provide their staff with the payroll service they deserve.

In practice, schools are already outsourcing their payroll to LEA's. They now have the ability to choose a payroll solution that is suited to their specific requirements.

  • Fully conversant with teachers pay grades, scales and salaries as well as non teaching staff pay agreements
  • Management of TPS (Teachers Pension Schemes) and LGPS (Local Government Pension Schemes)
  • Bespoke reports provided with the option for password encrypted PDF files to protect sensitive information
  • BACS payments credited directly to employee bank accounts
  • BACS payments made to third party suppliers at no extra charge
  • Calculation and monitoring of absence for teachers and non-teaching staff
  • Pension reports provided to LEA

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