Payroll FAQs

Below are many of the questions we are asked on a regular basis. However, if you have a question that has not been answered below, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Does a transfer of payroll providers need to take place at the start of a tax year?

No, a transfer of payroll provider can take place at any time in the tax year. We will carry over all cumulative, year-to-date payroll figures from your current payroll company.

What's involved in transferring payroll providers and will it create complications?

Transferring a payroll is a simple process. You will be visited by one of our consultants who ask key questions so that we can learn about the complexities of your payroll. We will then need personal data for all employees (Name, address, date of birth etc) and copies of their P11 data. We can provide an excel template to be populated if required. Alternatively we will accept the information in whichever format is convenient for you.

If you prefer, we are happy to liaise directly with your current payroll provider in order to obtain the necessary information, removing the need for you to dedicate extra time to the transfer process.

How long does it take to transfer payroll providers?

This really depends on the complexity of your payroll. If your employees are mainly salary based with the occasional adjustment such as overtime or pay increases then this can usually be transferred in one week or month (depending on your company's pay period).

However, if your payroll has many adjustments each month with several pension schemes or employee benefits then it may be necessary to process one or two parallel pay runs prior to the live transfer. This enables us to identify any anomalies and rectify them in order to provide a seamless transfer. We will assess your payroll at the start of our communications to decide if parallel pay runs are necessary. We do not charge for parallel pay runs in the majority of cases.

Are there any in-year payroll charges?

No, our costs are fully inclusive. This means that all support, reporting, new starters, leavers, adjustments are all covered in the agreed price as quoted in our proposal for payroll services.

Are there any set-up fees?

For some payrolls it may be necessary to charge a one-off set-up fee but this will be detailed in a proposal document before we proceed into a contract so that you can be absolutely sure of the costs up-front

In what format are payslips provided?

As of April 2018, in readiness for the GDPR changes introduced on 25th May 2018, we provide payslips, P60s and other payroll documents via a secure portal

The portal is accessible by all employees, to view their own slips, via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Historic slips are stored on the portal, so an employee can access and download them at a moment's notice.

For employers we provide a secure, encrypted email service alongside the portal, giving a protected channel for all payroll related data and reports to be sent through. Included in reports for all clients are copies of employee payslips, for back-up purposes.

How quickly can I expect our payroll processed?

In the majority of cases we are able to provide a same day turnaround upon receipt of your payroll adjustments. However, if paying your employees by BACS you will need to allow for the 3 day BACS processing cycle.

What format are payroll reports provided and what information will Firefly provide on the reports?

Payroll reports can be produced in whatever format is required. This includes:

  • XML
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Excel XLS and XLSX
  • TXT
  • CSV

We offer a report design service at no extra charge so we can include whatever payroll information you choose. If you're not sure what information you need, then we can provide you with some standard reports and from there you can decide if you'd like more or less information or a different layout.

If you need reports on an ad-hoc basis at different periods throughout the year then we will produce these for you at no extra charge.

Are our employees able to contact Firefly Payroll directly?

Absolutely. Any of your employees may contact us for advice and assistance either by email or telephone.

Are you able to credit our employee's bank accounts directly?

Yes, as a BACS Approved Bureau we have the facility to directly credit your employee's bank accounts.

We don't currently use BACS. How can we get a Service User Number?

You should contact your business manager at your bank. If you intend to use a BACS Approved Bureau you should request an application as an 'Indirect BACS Submitter'. We can help you through the process.

How does the BACS process work when using a BACS Approved Bureau?

Your company would be registered by your bank as an Indirect BACS Submitter. Your BACS Service User Number would be linked with our Bureau Service User Number which is B60861. We would then be able to submit a BACS file each pay period which will debit your company bank account with the net payroll total (individual amounts will not show on your bank statements but we will provide you with these) and credit your employee's accounts.

As a BACS Approved Bureau we have been rigorously inspected by BACS and they have approved our stringent routines for ensuring BACS payments are sent correctly.

What if I want to send the BACS payments using our software or online banking facility?

If you prefer to make BACS payments using your in-house BACS solution, then we can provide you with either a BACS report or BACS file ready for importing into your BACS Software. BACS files can be formatted specifically for importing into online banking facilities such as HSBC Hexagon, Barclays Business Master, NatWest Bankline etc.

Does Firefly file all our in-year forms and year end returns with HMRC electronically?

Yes, we are registered with HMRC as an agent and this enables us to file all in-year forms and year-end returns on your behalf.

Will we need to forward all HMRC tax code notifications to Firefly?

No, as we will be registered as your agent with HMRC they will send all tax code notifications directly to us electronically.

Will we be tied in to a lengthy contract?

We do not engage our clients in lengthy contracts as we are confident that you will be pleased with the service you receive from Firefly. Our contract can be cancelled at any time with 1 month's notice and we will even assist with the payroll transfer to your new payroll provider.

However, some companies may prefer to have a longer term contract in order to protect their pricing arrangement. We are happy to accommodate this and will agree to whatever length of contract is preferred.

If your question has not been answered then please call us on 0845 073 9400 or complete our contact form and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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