Hotels, Pubs & Restaurants

At Firefly Payroll we appreciate that the leisure industry can be seasonal and will also have a high staff turnover. This is why we will only charge for the number of employees processed each pay run, rather than the number of employee records held on the payroll database. We also understand that many employees will be receiving low wages, often the national minimum wage and it is therefore imperative that they are paid on time and accurately.

  • Fast turnaround on payroll processing to comply with tight timescales
  • Multi-site/departmental reporting
  • TRONCS, tips & gratuities
  • Net to gross payments if required
  • Overseas workers
  • Manage high staff turnover/seasonal adjustments to work force
  • Casual/Bank staff with no charge for non-payments
  • Maintain, calculate and pay employees holiday entitlement in line with the statutory minimum of 5.6 weeks per annum
  • National Minimum Wage checks to ensure legal compliance

Our all inclusive charge includes:

  • All payroll processing and adjustments
  • Starters and leavers
  • Outstanding holiday payments made to leavers and P45's issued promptly
  • BACS payments directly to employee bank accounts and HMRC if required
  • A choice of pressure sealed laser payslips, electronic payslips password encrypted and emailed directly to employees or a PDF file to be printed on site for distribution
  • Payslips can be posted to site for distribution or directly to employee home addresses (A charge will be made to cover postage costs)
  • Attachment of earnings orders including a monthly report detailing amounts due for payment
  • Monthly/quarterly P32 report detailing payments due to HMRC
  • In-year online filing with HMRC (P45's/P46's etc)
  • End of year processing and online filing with HMRC (P35/P14's/P60's etc)
  • Statutory Payments such as SSP, SMP and SPP
  • All payroll related advice and assistance including liaising with HMRC and other third party organisations as required.

Call us on 0845 073 9400 or contact us for more information or to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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