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As a payroll company with several years experience in providing exceptional payroll services to the recruitment and staffing industry, we are able to offer a fully scalable payroll solution where you are only invoiced for the number of employees actually processed each pay period, not the number of employees you hold records for on your payroll.

We will tailor our payroll services to adapt to your billing system so that we can either accept an output report from your billing system each week/month detailing the hours worked and payments due or alternatively, we can accept the individual timesheets which we will input into our payroll system and produce a report in a format suitable for importing into your database.

At Firefly Payroll, we understand that whilst most companies do not generate revenue directly from their payroll function, it is the main source of revenue for a temporary staffing agency and therefore it is imperative to process the payroll promptly and accurately.

  • Swift turnaround on payroll processing to fit in with extremely tight timescales
  • CIS and Limited Company Payments
  • Process high volumes of weekly or monthly paid employees
  • Manage high turnover of employees
  • Foreign workers, including eligibility checks if required
  • Issue P45's for leavers promptly
  • Process requests from information from HMRC and other third party organisations
  • Administer attachment of earnings orders and provide you with a monthly report detailing the amounts due.
  • Advise each month of amount due to HMRC in relation to PAYE, NIC's and CIS Tax
  • Maintain holiday entitlements, usually the statutory minimum of 5.6 weeks per annum
  • Respond to enquiries from employees

Our charges are fully inclusive and include:

  • Data input/import of hours worked and other payroll adjustments
  • Starter and leaver processing
  • BACS payments directly to employee accounts
  • BACS payments to HMRC and other creditors if required
  • A choice of pressure sealed laser payslips, electronic payslips password encrypted and emailed directly to employees or a PDF file to be printed on site for distribution.
  • Payslips can be posted to site for distribution or directly to employee home addresses. (A charge will be made to cover postage costs).
  • Employee helpline for payroll queries
  • All payroll related advice and assistance, including liaising with HMRC where necessary
  • In-year online filing with HMRC (P45's/P46's etc)
  • Payroll year end processing and online filing (P35/P14's/P60's etc)
  • All statutory payments
  • Minimum wage monitoring
  • Holiday pay calculation and payment

Call us on 0845 073 9400 or contact us for more information or to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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