Paying Your Employees Via BACS

Firefly Payroll Ltd is a BACS Approved Bureau. This affords us the facility to credit employee's net payments directly to their bank accounts on our client's behalf.

The benefit of this service is that you do not need to purchase costly software in order to pay your employees or send the payments via your online banking facility.

Many companies prefer to use BACS not only for convenience but also because the debit from the company bank account will be as one lump sum per file transmitted, which protects the individual's net pay details from employees working within the accounts department who may have access to the company bank statements.

If you currently pay your employees by BACS then appointing a BACS Approved Payroll Bureau to submit your employee's payments is a straightforward process. Simply contact your bank and request that they link your Service User Number (SUN) with our Bureau Number, B60861.

If you do not already have a Service User Number then it is usually a straightforward process to obtain one. Contact your bank and request an 'Indirect BACS Submitter Form'. Should you need advice completing this form, then please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

The BACS Processing Cycle

  • Day One - BACS File is prepared, authorised and submitted
  • Day Two - Processing Day
  • Day Three - Employee bank accounts are credited and company bank account debited simultaneously

If you prefer to make BACS payments using your in-house BACS solution, then we can provide you with either a BACS report or BACS file ready for importing into your BACS Software. BACS files can also be formatted specifically for importing into online banking facilities such as HSBC Hexagon, Barclays Business Master, NatWest Bankline etc.

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